By Rain

  • Job Term:Full Time
  • Number of Hirelings:5
  • Vacancy Type:Marketing/Sales
  • Job Location:Phnom Penh ;
  • Qualification:Unlimited
  • Language:English-Good Chinese-Mandarin-Good
  • Sex:Male/Female
  • Age:22 ~ up
  • Posting Date:Apr 18, 2013
  • Closing Date:Jun 18, 2013

Job Description

Marking: Looking for customers or partners, to make relevant records as well as tracking, track and confirm the shipping date to the customers, to assist the clerk to deal with things, good communicate to the customers.

Jobs Requirement

One or two year experience or don’t have experience , Work experience preferred.
Excellent negotiation skill
Good communication skill
Good at Development and maintaining relationship
Ability to work well and individually
Completive, Out going, Articulate , patience, Flexible

Company treatment
Once a year bonus package and 13 months of wages, the company provides lunch, once a year to participate in corporate travel
(Abroad) (Saturday half-day working) know Chinese priority

闽源电机 (柬埔寨) 有限公司


业务员: 寻找客户或伙伴 , 做好相关记录以及跟踪,跟踪并确认出货日期给客人,协助业务员处理事情,向客人沟通。


业务员: 柬籍华人,男女不限,中文沟通能力说,听写要强,英文沟通能力说,听写说利忍耐性强,熟练使用电脑,能够熟练输入中英柬文, 熟悉使用WORD,EXCEL等OFFICE常用软件, 较强的灵活性,完成领导交代的其他工作,能够利用网络等资源找到相关资料,能承受工作上的压力,诚实和辛勤工作, 有工作经验优先录取。

(出国)(星期六上半天班)懂中文优先Note :
Please kindly state that you are applying from http://www.camhr.com.
Please be alerted that: Any requirement of deposit, registration fee and miscellaneous charges, as well as acceptance of interview without any prerequisites by the interviewing company/party could be a scam. It is also illegal for the interviewing company/party to detain the identification documents (identity card or passport) of the interviewee.


或致电 088 700 1888中文,088 42 30 209 柬文 咨询相关信息
公司地址:红十字会 ( 花园住宅 ) 271大道 门牌14,02号路,

Contact Information
Tel: 088 700 1888 (Chinese),088 42 30 209 ( Khmer )
E-mail : zhouzhilong07@126.com
Address:Phnom Penh St 271 ( Borey New World ) No. 14 St 02 S/K Teuk Laak III Khan Toul Kork.
Office :0236405297/98/99

Contact Information

  • Contact Person:
  • Tel:088 700 1888 (Chinese),088 42 30 209 ( Khmer )/0236405297/98/99
  • Email:
  • Address:Phnom Penh St 271 ( Borey New World ) No. 14 St 02 S/K Teuk Laak III Khan Toul Kork.
  • Website:www.dienmaymannguyen.com

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